This was an idea I’ve had for quite some time. I watched the PBS documentary on comics a while back, Super Heroes: A Never-Ending Battle. I think it was Todd McFarlane (weird) that inspired the quote that I am paraphrasing in the comic above? I’ve never really seen a difference between print and digital, the models of distribution are different, but the goal and results are the same. It’s all about getting your work to an audience, the conveyance is almost arbitrary.

I think I’m waxing philosophical a bit as a way of practicing for an upcoming panel at this week’s Wizard World Philly. I was invited to participate in a Webcomics Roundtable. I’ll be chatting with Dawn Griffin, Chris Flick and Jason Thomas about publishing your comics to the web. The whole kit and caboodle will be hosted by Brad Guigar author of the Webcomics Handbook. I couldn’t be more stoked! I love talking art and comics! If you’re in the area I’ve listed the info for our talk at the bottom of this post and here’s a link to the con itself.

Another inspiration for the strip above is the work of Kevin and James, not to be confused with the actor from Paul Blart: Mall Cop.
These guys do some of the best hand-done type around and are two very inspirational dudes. You should check out their work.

That’s all for now. LOTS of big announcements in the upcoming weeks and months so check in frequently.
Until then, cheers, Patch

Webcomics Roundtable
at WWPhilly
Friday June 20th at 5:30 room 109
with Dawn Griffin, Chris Flick and Jason Thomas
hosted by Brad Guigar