Posting this strip a little early to celebrate 2nd Annual Dog Days of Summer Hot Dog Cook Off! Our good buddies over at Hot Diggity always extend an invite for artists to share their wares at the festivities. Especially if said wares are “food” themed. Last year they purchased one of my pieces and it now proudly adorns the walls of their fine establishment. (Side note: Most delicious art drop-off EVER!) So if you happen to be in the South Street Headhouse District today or tomorrow (July 20th and 21st) be sure and stop by and check out the original inks for this strip along with artwork by Tim, Alex and the gang.
The gag above is an oldie but goodie. I’ve seen it used in everything from “The Simpsons” to “The Flinstones”. I always wanted to give it a shot. I am extremely proud of the verbiage “Hot Dog Flavored Dreams” ’cause it sounds like sumthin’ my buddy Jeffro would say.
Below: Last year’s contribution to the Annual Dog Days of Summer Hot Dog Cook Off in its new home at Hot Diggity on South Street.