A while back a few members of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society participated in Free Comic Book Day. Our book, “A Bunch of Baboons” was placed alongside of titles like “Batman” and “Spiderman.” It was pretty awesome. My story was one of my first stabs at autobiographic comics, it was a short story about me and my girlfriend. (Big Surprise!) One of my good buddies liked it but questioned where the story could go, he said “You don’t have a villain.” He was right. That got me to thinking about what makes a good villain? Is it the opposite of the main character? Is it the same as the protagonist only he/she chose a slightly different path? Or is it something or someone that brings about a series of life altering events, bringing out the best qualities under dire circumstances.
I think it may well be a combination of all those things and more.
In that case cancer may very well be the greatest villain of all time. We fight it everyday. After my battle there are still shadows of it around every corner, the fight continues. I found parts of myself I didn’t know I had and will live to fight another day. My heart goes out each and every day to anyone fighting their own battle. There is a war waging of superhero proportions;
We are Strong enough, We are Brave enough, We are Together.
Thanks to all my Super Friends that stood and continue to stand by my side and to all of you that have been following this comic. For a survivor of oral cancer it is a wonderful gift to have a voice.