I love critiques. I think it is one of the most important aspects a student can experience during college. When I first started teaching on a college level I e-mailed a bunch of my former classmates and asked “What do you miss about being in the classroom/studio environment?” The most common answer was “critiques.” Many of us went through “critique withdrawal” upon graduating. So I make them a pivotal part of all the college classes I teach and frankly, “I give good critique.” A good critique is an exchange of ideas, includes the entire class and ultimately rests on the shoulders artist and their investment in their work. (And everyone staying awake!) I make suggestions, NOT decisions.
My only rule: Everyone gets the same amount of time. If we spend 15 minutes on the first piece we spend 15 minutes on the last piece. In a class of 20+ students that can mean we’re in for a long day!