This strip goes out to all my students as we make our mad dash towards the end of the semester. Some of you have just selected your major, others are entering into their final year and many of you are about to graduate. For our final lesson of the semester: Hemingway is WRONG! (That just might make a great t-shirt?) There is nothing better than making art and design…NOTHING! Sure there is anxiety mixed with the unknowing, especially as you put a part of you, a sometimes awfully personal part of you, out into the world. But the upside outweighs the down each and every time. There is no better feeling than creating something, putting it out to an audience and having it resonate in some small way. So if you are just beginning, I’m excited for you and the road ahead. If you are entering your last year, I guarantee you it’s worth it. And if you are graduating, well, welcome to the family, it was a pleasure being your teacher and will be even more of a pleasure to be your co-worker.
For the record I don’t think there is much I could beat Mr. Hemingway at except maybe the occasional game of Pictionary and possibly optimism about the creative process.
This comic is also dedicate to Mr. Sam Heimer the love child of Ernest Hemingway and Mr. Ron Swanson.