Guest Artist – Ryan Barr
This summer was a first in my twenty years of being an artist. I had an intern. No normal, mild mannered student mind you, but one Mr. Ryan Barr. Ryan and I go way back, I have know him for almost six years. He was first my student in the Saturday Program at UArts and later in their Summer Program. Every class Ryan brought with him a zeal and zest for all things creative, we had a blast. Flash forward (you’re allowed that in comic books) Ryan is now a senior Illustration major at the University of the Arts. He approached me last semester about being my intern and I didn’t give it a second thought. So most of the past Summer was spent scanning, drawing and (maybe most of all) talking comics. We discussed story-telling, some of the ins and outs of setting up a webcomic, and illustration in general. I know Ryan got credit for the class but it is I who should be the most thankful. Having Ryan come in over the summer kept me in line and organized and more importantly on deadline. One caveat to Ryan’s internship – draw me a Monster Mondays strip and in typical Ryan Barr fashion he drew two. Enjoy.
Please check out more of Ryan’s work at the following links:
Below: Ryan’s artistic interpretation of yours truly. Weirdest e-mail ever was when Ryan inquired “What kind of Monster are you?”