When I first began drawing this strip I started thinking about some of the fun, inspiring and amazing people I get to work alongside as an instructor. Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to just a few of them. (With more on the way.)

YOWL!: Mark has gone from being my instructor to being my friend and later in life a colleague. When you add those things together you get one heck of a mentor. I have know him for more than 15 years, 8 of which have been teaching alongside of him as faculty. He has the ability to critique with laser precision and it was one these critiques that lead me to self-publish my book. I think his passion for teaching and the process of creativity is only matched by his passion for pie and the Batmobile. You can hear the word “Yowl!” pass his lips from time to time, its exact meaning is still yet unknown to me – but its influence knows no bounds.

SARGE: As an instructor I have worked alongside my fair share of university and school Presidents. I can honestly say I have never met one like John. He knows all the students by name, talks with them periodically in the hallways and classrooms inquiring about their educational experiences and his door is always open. During faculty meetings he encourages us, motivates us and, above all, leads by example.  Sarge IS your biggest fan, he goes to as many events held by his faculty and staff as possible and posts regularly on Facebook promoting students, faculty and alumni. I teared up a bit last year when he quoted some of the instructors (and the title of my book!) during last year’s graduation.

THE WIZARD: I have also know Bob for more than 15 years, HE is my spirit animal. His advice, his smile and his amazing artwork are the cornerstones of how I try conduct myself as a creative. On a number of occasions, in and out of the classroom, as both a student and his colleague, he has schooled me in the ways of the art world. His books are his legacy, each one better than the one that came before, meticulous and heartfelt and all-over beautiful. One can only hope to be half the artist (and man) he is.