This strip is a collaboration of sorts. Some time ago my good friend Concetta came by the studio to help me with my book. I needed a bunch of photos for the interior and she was gracious enough to lend me her expertise. During the process I discovered that collaboration is a key component to any creative process. Concetta’s photos not only added a new dimension to the layout of the book they also inspired the design of the cover. Concetta and I have collaborated on a bunch of projects and exhibitions since. As we speak we are putting together an Art Show inspired by ephemera with the Library Company of Philadelphia. While working together we take pictures and almost always draw in our sketchbooks, she even gave Melissa and I the gift of one of her old cameras. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have thought of a strip like this prior to our friendship. Friendship – the best kind of collaboration.
The photos for this strip are of sketches of upcoming Monster Mondays stories. You can expect bacon, pigeons, comic conventions, obsessive compulsive disorder and the drinking of Scotch in the weeks ahead.