The comic above was inspired by my good friend Concetta. Those of you that have been following this strip will notice she has been part of the banner since the beginning. I have been wanting to include her in a comic for a while now. Honestly, her appearance is way over due. Concetta is an amazing friend and artist. She and I have collaborated on art exhibitions, lectures and publications. It was Concetta that took all the beautiful photos that appear my book. I have always admired her gumption and live a little vicariously through her and her travels abroad. (She’s been on many an oversea adventure!)
I am very grateful for our friendship; it has it’s roots in loss, but has blossomed into something quite extraordinary.
This week’s strip is based on two text messages I received from her one day. They made me laugh out loud when I got ’em. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!
Below: A sketch from one of Concetta’s recent journeys. This one was to Taipei. You can see more of Concetta’s work here.