As it mentions above I have been a fan of the medium of comics ever since I can remember. My earliest “art” memories are of copying the characters that I visited every Sunday in the newspaper strips. The biggest difference now (8 years old versus 38 years old) is that my comics, and all the art I make for that matter, have become more personal. It dates back to my joining the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and more recently with my 2007 diagnosis of cancer. The PCS taught me that comics don’t have to be all spandex or laughs and cancer taught me that your art can save your life so make it important.
That being said once a week I’ll post my Monster Mondays strip; it’s about me, the love of my life, all my amazing friends and what it’s like to be a teacher, artist and survivor (4 years and counting). Sometimes it might not be funny, it might not make sense or even feel like a comic strip. But I will make this promise – it will always be honest, it will always be heartfelt and I will always be smiling while I draw it, ’cause I have been wanting to do this since I was in the fourth grade!