If you would have told me a year ago that my comics, these comics, would be shown in museums I would have told you you were nuts. Flash forward to today and I still think it’s nuts, but my comics have graced the walls of two museums. Most recently, the comic featured above is hanging in the Library Company of Philadelphia as part of Ephermera! This art exhibition was hosted by the LCP, created by the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and curated by Concetta Barbera and myself. The installation has garnered some attention and I am extremely honored to have my work shown at the Nation’s First Lending Library. The exhibit will be on display all the way through to December. You can read more about here.
Below: A photo of my book “Printed Matter{s}” also part of the Ephemera! Exhibition.

A special thanks goes out to Tyler and William for following the strip.
Much appreciated gentlemen!