So this is where the idea for Monster Mondays the comic strip originated. I had been doing at Monster Monday blog post for almost a year. I wanted a project to work on after the book with a quicker turn around and that was a bit more instant. I loved working on the book but it took more than two years to write, design and finish. I wanted something I could knock out week to week and share immediately.
I was at a friend’s housewarming party, enjoying the company of some of my super-creative friends, laughing my ass off when it occurred to me – “I would love to draw these guys.” So I started drawing some of my friends, co-workers and students as monsters in my sketchbook right around the end of the school semester. I am having an absolute blast!
This is just a snippet of chit chat that I experienced that evening. For me it will always be the night that I started the comic.
Note: The gentleman in the second panel is one Mr. Tim Durning. Without Tim’s help and expertise this strip would not have been possible. Thanks Tim! Please go and see his amazing illustration work here.