My first job in greeting cards Melissa and I worked with our good friend John. While designing we would tell stories to pass the time. John once told a tale about how much he loved peanut butter as a kid. Melissa and I were both like “Sure John, everyone loves peanut butter as a kid.” He insisted he ate it night and day, some days it was all he ever ate. Until one morning he woke up to find his bed covered in a brownish-tan residue. You know what we thought and we both replied with an “Ewww.” John stated he had thought the same thing at first but after a ‘careful inspection’ it was discovered that he had sweated the oily brown substance all over his sheets. John was in fact sweating peanut butter.
His mother immediately halted his eating of peanut butter.
I believe Melissa is just about to do the same with me.
Lately I cannot get enough of the stuff.