Guest Artist Ryan Barr
This is the second comic that Ryan Barr created during his internship with me this past summer. Ryan decided, rightfully so, to point out how some of his favorite instructors have a tendency to go on tangents. All conducive to higher learning of course!
I am in some really great company here in this strip. In panel 02 we have the intrepid and amazingly talented Adam Gustavson. Adam’s work has graced many a children’s book and his demos are nothing short of spectacular. And in panel 03? Well that’s Mark Tocchet! Mark is the Illustration Program Director at the University of the Arts. He has been a mentor to both Ryan and myself and it wouldn’t be a strip about UArts Illustration instructors without him. Not only are Mark’s tangents the stuff of legends, from squirrels to apple pie, but Mark has played a crucial role in shaping the careers of so many young illustrators, designers and creative problem-solvers. Through Mark’s tireless efforts the Illustration Program at UArts is one of the top programs in the country. But I may be a bit bias on this note, I am both faculty and alumni. In fact Mark was my instructor my Junior year.
You can see more of Ryan’s work at the following links:

A commission Ryan worked on over the summer featuring Colossus and the head of a Sentinel. If you’re interested in commissioning Ryan you can contact him here.