Two of the things I absolutely love about teaching go hand in hand. The first is that for as long as I have been teaching (more than 15 years) I never have stopped being a student. I love to learn about topics I adore and at the same time I really appreciate learning something new. The second thing is I really dig going to lectures. I enjoy hearing an artist or writer talk about their work and seeing the process of another creative. On this particular lecture I got to see a good friend, Mark A. Robinson, talk about some of his work in comics. I have known Mark since High School and have been a fan of his work since our days sitting in the back of Mr. Cohen’s class creating kooky, comic characters. I was also introduced to the work of Terry LaBan. Really, reintroduced, I have seen Terry’s work for years, I just never knew he was a local. Although the panels above relay what appears to be a more negative talk about the world of comics I found it to be super-informative. I love it when guests don’t sugarcoat what is actually happening in the industry.
Below are the bios of both artists with links to their work.

Mark A. Robinson: has been published in various titles by various publishers, some of which include: MARVEL COMICS, DC COMICS, VERTIGO BOOKS, IDW, DEVIL’S DUE PUBLISHING,TOP COW, and is currently publishing thru IMAGE COMICS. He lives in Philadelphia, likes orange soda and survives. You can see more of his work here and here. 

Terry LaBan: is the co-creator of Edge City with his wife Patty. Edge City is the daily comic strip nationally syndicated by King Features. Terry is a cartoonist and illustrator whose work has been published by Fantagraphics Books, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Nickelodeon Magazine, Mad Magazine and many others. He and his wife have two kids, live in suburban Philadelphia and constantly tell people that not everything that happens in their comic strip actually occurred in real life. Find out more about Terry’s other work at his website