“Be like Curious George, start with a question and look under the yellow hat to find what’s there.” – James Collins

Utilizing comics and working sequentially in the classroom, especially when instructing designers and illustrators, is something I have been doing for years. Not only are comics a really popular medium these days, with all the recent movies, but they have what ALL good works of art long for – Storytelling. The careful melding of words and pictures is what many, many illustrators and designers aspire to capture in their work and comics, both books and strips, has it in spades.

I am also a teacher that prides himself on putting his money where his mouth is. So over the next few weeks (starting this Friday) you will be seeing some comic strips from some of my first year design students currently attending Antonelli. Every semester I give them the assignment of making a comic about anything they want as long as it tells a story. This semester my first year designers turned in narratives about family life in America, alien abduction (sort of) and exotic flights of fantasy. All through the creative process we discussed topics like composition and the placement of typography. Turns out a lot can be learned from those funny books.
So please stay tuned over the upcoming weeks and be sure to leave some encouraging comments. If you’ve read my strip you know my critiques can sometimes be brutal.

Below: A former student, Kayla Glass, was inspired by the strip “We Can Dance If We Want To” from a few weeks back and created this awesome CMYK pin-up! You can see more of Kayla’s work here.